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Muscle/Nerve Stimulation

Nerve StimulationElectrical Muscle/Nerve Stimulation is used as a therapeutic treatment and diagnostic tool. The electrical stimulation mimics the impulses from your brain which instruct muscles to contract. It is used extensively in physical training for athletes. In chiropractic care electrical muscle/nerve stimulation may be used for rehabilitation and strengthening to prevent further injury.

The nervous system of your body uses small electrical charges to control muscle function. Impulses from your brain travel through nerves to the muscles, fibers, and other tissues and cause them to contract and relax according to the activity you are doing. Electrical muscle/nerve stimulation can be used to improve endurance and strengthen muscles.

Small electrodes are placed on the body to target specific muscle groups. A small electrical charge is then applied to the body and muscles contract and relax during therapy. The FDA has approved electrical muscle/nerve stimulation for the following uses:

  • Increase or maintain range of motion
  • Relax muscle spasms
  • Increase circulation
  • Reeducation of muscles
  • Post-surgical stimulation of the calf muscles to prevent blood clots immediately after surgery

electrical nerve stimulationElectrical muscle/nerve stimulation mimics the natural action of the stimulation of muscles and surrounding nerves by the brain. This can help to reeducate muscles and nerves after injury. As a rehabilitative technique electrical muscle/nerve stimulation is very effective when used in a clinical setting. Dr. Mac may also prescribe an at-home unit for you to use. These units may be used to relieve chronic pain or help recover from an injury.

In patients who have immobile muscles electrical muscle/nerve stimulation can help the muscles to be less rigid and increase their range of motion. Electrical muscle/nerve stimulation is a safe and effective treatment used by The Spine Center to treat injuries, in rehabilitation treatment, and to increase endurance. It has been used for many years and has a long history of success and safety in the United States and Europe.