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About Us

profile-pic-2-The-Spine-LabThe Spine Lab is a newly established, modern health & wellness office which emphasizes a proactive approach to Chiropractic Care, Exercise, Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition, and more. For the past 10 years, Dr Mac has been helping people with various health issues, and formulates custom treatment plans for people of any age. Dr Mac’s passion is inspiring people to improve their physical & mental well being. Just as all humans need proper nutrition, exercise, dental care, eye care, Dr Mac believes all humans need proper physical body care. Pain or other symptoms are indicating that there is a problem somewhere. Dr Mac works hard at figuring out what the root cause of the problem is, not simply trying to reduce the symptom of pain only. It may be very simple to identify and treat, or it may be a very complex issue with many complicating factors.

Dr Mac will perform an extensive consultation with a full medical history, and a very thorough physical examination to try to uncover any underlying issues or problems. Dr Mac will focus not just on the past & present, but the future. One of the main benefits of Chiropractic is within its preventive effect. Dental Hygienists ward off cavities by a good deep cleaning a couple of times per year, and home instruction to brush & floss daily. We change the oil in our car every 4000 miles or so to prolong the engine life. Dr Mac instructs you to do your part by staying active, strong, flexible, hydrated, well rested, etc. He’ll want to keep you tuned up by adjusting you regularly - even if everything is “feeling fine”. The regularity of your visits will vary widely depending on multiple factors such as overall health, age, lifestyle, jobs, etc. Some people enjoy active lifestyles and find that staying tuned up a couple of times per month keeps them going. Chiropractic is not just for pain reduction only! There are many powerful effects of Chiropractic adjustments. Especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle (including a balanced nutrition, cardio and resistance training, financial stability, a healthy social life, minimal processed foods, etc.)