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Meet Dr. Mac

Dr. Dwayne McClaugherty AKA, Dr. Mac was born here in Austin in 1972. He & his family moved to Sugar Land, just outside of Houston, until he was 18. After graduating high school in 1990 he joined the Navy for 4 years as an aviation electronics technician with an F-14 Squadron (VF-14 Tophatters). Stationed in Virginia Beach, VA and attached to John F Kennedy Aircraft Carrier, Dr. Mac was able to experience more than the average 20 year old. He made several small “cruises” & made one big 9 month one in the Mediterranean Sea & Persian Gulf. After the Navy, in 1994 he began his next goal of getting a college degree. In 1998 Dr. Mac graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a Management & Information Systems Degree from the Business School. He worked in the computer & web industry as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for a few years, but was not fulfilled. He was missing something. He wanted to help people, not computers or networks. In 2001, Dr. Mac decided that he wanted to pursue a long time dream of his – Chiropractic! By this point in Dr. Mac’s life, several family members, friends, and he all had different, yet very positive experiences with Chiropractic care. This was a no-brainer - Up-root the family and move to Dallas to go to Chiropractic School at the age of 30. In 2005, after graduation, Dr. Mac & Family moved back to Austin to begin the next chapter. For the next 9.5 years, Dr. Mac worked as both an associate doctor and an independent contractor with American Chiropractic Clinic – Austin. In 2014, Dr. Mac decided to fulfill another long time dream and open his own practice. The Spine Lab – Chiropractic Center was born.