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Core Strengthening

Core StrengtheningMany people think of their core muscles as only in their abdomen, but your core muscles also include your hip and pelvic muscles, and mid and lower back muscles. Your core muscles stabilize the body by giving you a strong center of gravity whether you are engaging in activity or at rest. Almost everything you do depends upon the strength of your core muscles.

Unlike some exercise programs core strengthening strengthens your muscles with an integrated and coordinated movements. Core strengthening challenges you from head to toe. Yoga, swimming, Pilates, isometric core exercises, dynamic core exercises, and fitness ball workouts are just a few examples of core strengthening exercise programs.

Core strengthening offers many benefits which include:

  • Decrease in back pain because of an increase in spine support through stronger core muscles. Discomfort can be relieved and increased mobility can be provided for people with chronic and acute back pain.
  • A strong core improves posture. Better posture helps to prevent disc herniation and vertebrae degeneration. It also has the added benefit of better respiration because your posture is correct you can breathe better.
  • Core strength can help improve athletic performance. Your body relies on your core muscles for support and strength in almost all sports and activities.
  • Core strengthening can also improve balance. This is especially important for people who suffer from vestibular dysfunction and neurological deficits. Lower body weakness contributes to poor balance and core strengthening helps strengthen the muscles your body relies on for balance. This will also make everyday activities safer for everyone.

Core strengthening therapeutic exercises focus on strengthening these muscle groups. When your core muscles are strengthened your balance improves and you have the added benefit of improvement in your overall good health. Strong core muscles make it easier to do day to day activities. They can also help you recover from an injury and prevent further injury. A strong core also naturally improves posture which can help to prevent lower back pain and other skeletal pain.

Dr. Mac will prescribe the core strengthening exercises he feels will benefit you the most. A strong core is essential for wellbeing, everyday good health, good posture, and prevention and alleviation of back pain.